Welcome to Florida Fitness
& Bodybuilding Corp

Florida Fitness & Bodybuilding Corp. has created a wholistic program that focuses on:

  • Physical & Mental Health,
  • Personal Training for Fitness & Bodybuilding,
  • Personalized Nutrition Plans
  • Targeted Health Issues Prevention

Our purpose is to help our clients and the community achieve a healthier lifestyle. We do this by using advanced training methodologies, nutrition programs and a series of goals, which allow us to get the best results from each committed individual. 

Welcome to Florida Fitness
& Bodybuilding Corp


Florida Fitness & Bodybuilding Corp. provides a personalized service that is based on the needs and characteristics of each client. We provide a home service, that makes it easy for those clients to join and stay into the program for a long time, which is key to generate the expected results. We offer programs across multiple levels to achieve your specific fitness goal, no matter how little or extensive experience you may have.

We offer many different levels, from basic training for competitive athletes in Bodybuilding, Fitness, or high-performance sports, to recovery from injuries or post-operative events. We always provide our clients with tailored nutrition plans in conjunction with their physical preparation plan to achieve their individual goals.


To become a national leader in the health and fitness sector by empowering people to take control of their lives and achieve their optimal fitness level. We want to help our communities and make an impact at a global level., understanding that each person counts, we can all make a difference.  We know that we can achieve progress by improving the Mental and Physical Health of individuals as they will help build stronger and healthier communities.


Our mission is to help build a healthier community overall. Florida Fitness & Bodybuilding Corp provides personal training, fitness, and bodybuilding services to everyone willing to put in the effort to achieve their fitness goals. We are especially eager to help young athletes or adults who wish to develop a professional career in those fields; we want to share our knowledge and experience to help others achieve their dream.  We are also committed towards helping our older adults, gain strength, confidence, and control of their lives through a healthier lifestyle.

We design programs that are geared to obtaining optimal individual results; our plans consider different phenotypes and through planning, organization, direction, and controlled activities to help achieve physical and psychological health. Our goal is to help everyone, regardless of age, achieve their fitness goals. We offer services in two modalities: On-site (with all the required security and social distancing measures) and via ZOOM to assist clients strengthen their bodies from the comfort of their home.


We have been working together to achieve our goals and objectives and thus offer an alternative to improve the physical and mental health for all those individuals who struggle with PD.

FLORIDA FITNESS & BODYBUILDING CORP. has always collaborated and has been willing to help the Parkinson´s Foundation without seeking any type of monetary compensation, resulting in an invaluable contribution while involved with Monday Madness Initiative. We will continue to fight Parkinson´s and support the PD community by promoting exercise and activities for a better lifestyle, working together developing new projects in the future.

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